Plan for RAG week

The raise and give society is run by Sarah Rawlinson and Sarah Brockhurst, it is a fun way to raise as much money as possible and all proceeds go to local and national charities.

This week is RAG week, there are loads of events going on throughout the day in the pilkington building and at night in coopers and there is fancy dress (so this week there will actually be people in our union bar!!!).

BBC Executive Resigns

Breaking News (18:17 GMT)

BBC Radio 2's David Barber has resigned following last week's disciplinary action against offensive prank calls made by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, according to the BBC News Channel.

Barber is the second BBC executive to resign in the past two weeks after last Thursday's resignation by Radio 2 controller, Leslie Douglas.

He will step down from his role as head of specialist music and compliance.

A spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that Dave Barber has resigned from the BBC."

Recession Begins to Bite Hard in Medway

The first frosts of winter are beginning to bite in the dockside towns of Gillingham and Chatham – and so is the looming recession. Figures out last week confirmed that the UK economy experienced its first quarter of negative economic growth for 16 years. But even closer to home, unemployment has risen to nearly 4,000 in the Medway area and shoppers are beginning to feel the pinch in the run up to Christmas.


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