Shining a light - or not - on our courts

Two current stories must make us look closely at aspects of our court system. The Vicky Pryce trial fiasco yesterday showed how woefully inadequate that particular jury was at understanding even the basics of their role. But, of course, under the Contempt of Court Act we are completely barred from discovering anything about this jury and their discussions or deliberations. I wonder if any news organisation is going to go risk giving it a try? And the Oscar Pistorius case brings  acutely home to us how different other countries attitudes are to prejudice and a "fair trial".

Year 2s - important message about Voice Training

As so few of you now come in on Fridays, voice training is being moved to Thursday mornings 1100 - 1300. The first sessions will take place on Thursday March 14th. I will put a new rota on the newsroom door. As before, please make every effort to come to your session - if it's really impossible, please organise a swop with a colleague so that the time slot is not wasted.

Visit of Tracey Crouch MP

Tracey Crouch, the Conservative MP for Chatham and Aylesford, will visit the Centre on Monday 18 February. Tracey will talk to students and take questions in the main undergraduate newsroom at 1300. As a member of the Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport, she has been actively involved in debates surrounding the Leveson Inquiry. She is also a loyal supporter of the Centre for Journalism, a qualified referee and a talented footballer. Tracey has responded to countless requests for information and she has appeared on CfJ Television and CfJ radio. Please attend armed with good questions. This session is a must for all students. 


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