Coursework for Broadcast Journalism module

Coursework for Broadcast Journalism module

When your NCTJ Radio or TV coursework is ready, please send me the radio coursework and Laura the equivalent TV coursework.

The deadline is 10 May, so you have the whole of the Easter break to do this. There's an entry to this effect on the CFJ site's diary for that day.

It's not onerous. You'll know the criteria for the coursework is EXACTLY THE SAME as that of the work you've submitted in Year 2 TV and radio or on the MA course.

The Music Man Project is looking for a podcast producer!

The Music Man Project is a music education service specifically for people with learning disabilities and they are looking for a podcast producer! They're on a mission to reverse perceptions about people with a learning disability, which so often focuses on what we can’t do and on what we need.  

A little while ago, they  came up with the idea of having a MMP Podcast.  The idea would be to create a 'magazine' type programme with

  • Interviews with students, families, carers,  professionals etc
  • A 'desert island disc' type spot where the students talk about their favourite music.
  • Raising some really important issues. Talk about the difficult moments as well as the great moments for families affected by disability - giving voice to some of the wonderfully funny students they know
  • report from events, interview celebrities, law makers etc…. the possibilities are endless!!
  • As well as regular features like a MMP recording to start and 'Music is Magic' to end.

On Monday 15th April (only 3 weeks away!) they will be taking over 200 of our musicians from across the UK to the iconic Royal Albert Hall where we will be performing to an audience of around 4000 people. This will top every achievement so far. They aim to educate and inspire the general public with our talent, enthusiasm and musical expression.

Interested? Contact
Sarah Mann -
Tel: 07909 515439

Ron gone. (For now)

Ron Green had already retired once after a long and successful career in print journalism - including 30 years at the Kent Messenger group -  before being persuaded to help out with lecturing our first batch of students just after we had set the department up.

That was more than a decade ago.

In the years since then he has been a stalwart of CfJ life, and many is the student who has benefitted from his patience, his wisdom and the incisions of his red pen through their copy. Dozens owe at least part of their progression through the NCTJ diploma to the many additional hours he put in helping them to sharpen top lines, polish quotes and check key facts. 

Travelmag looking for a Kent-based writer (PAID!)

Independent travel website are looking for a Kent-based part-time writer keen to gain some travel writing experience and bylines following their studies. Under the regular supervision of a senior TravelMag writer, the successful candidate will research and write travel-related articles on the best of the best in specific destinations around the world. Articles will cover themes such as “The best festivals and fairs in…” “Unique things to do in…” and “The best  boutique hotels in…”

There may also be opportunities for the candidate to contribute long-form feature articles to the website.

Pay will be article-based, ranging from £30-£70 per article. Check out our website at:

Role: Part-time writer (approx 1 day per week)

Location: Home-based, with option of co-working in Faversham

Please note: This role may require some travel to Faversham in Kent to work alongside a senior TravelMag writer.

If you’re interested in this role, please email telling me about yourself, any writing experience you’ve had (including samples if available) and what your journalistic/writing ambitions are. Please also advise on your availability over the coming months.

I'm a CFJ grad & I'm responsible for the crisp pyramid you’re fighting about on Twitter

First of all, let's get one thing straight - the tiers AREN'T MY PERSONAL OPINION. Channel 5 surveyed people, and just like with Brexit, the public really fu!$%d up.
Anyway, this story begins earlier than you think. When I first started on Channel 5's social / video team at the beginning of February, one of my first shows to clip was 'Britain's Favourite Crisps' and I saw the show, made the pyramid, and was SO EXCITED for it to be out there in the world. Then due to a scheduling change, it was pulled, and myself and my boss waited eagerly for its return.


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