After a twitter poll of over 200 votes, 57% believe that a University is necessary and 43% believe that going to University is not necessary. Although this poll was done anonymously and It might not clearly represent everyone, but it's clear to see that most people still support the idea of getting a degree. 

In this day and age most things are evolving, most people are able stand on their own two feet without a University degree, believe it or not there are a lot of successful people out there who have been able to make it without a degree - now, I am not against the whole idea of getting a degree, but I am just trying to open people to the possibilities of what could happen in both ways - Based on an article ran by Charles Ball in "The Guardian", he explained how most people in the United Kingdom will never go to university, this was supported by some statistical explanation. 

From my standpoint, I believe that University is not really for everyone, I have come across a lot of people who have gone to University, spent more than 3 years studying a particular course but they ended up working in a completely different industry. Now imagine if that person had not spent all that money studying that course, but rather investing it into their careers, that individual could have spent that time pursuing what he or she truly wanted to do, they would have a lot of time to establish themselves, with no regrets.

Iju Asonibe is a very successful and talented photographer, I got to know her through Instagram, and I must say that she is a very talented young woman, she effortlessly captures a lot of pure moments. She owns her creative company - New Jerusalem Creations - where she creates beautiful concepts, visual stories, writes and also aspires to be a filmmaker. I was able to have a really enlightening conversation with this young woman and I must say that she is really bold and talented. Her journey began when she got her camera, she fully realised that she could chase her dreams without going to University notwithstanding she still learnt a lot about what she loved. She began to build her audience and people really appreciated and loved her work.

Although most of her family members did not support the idea, her mother supported her, she hid under her mum until she was bold enough to support her decision. "I hid under her umbrella for a little while when we were trying to explain to our family members, until I was brave enough to tell people myself". Finally, she said as an advice to everyone;  "Do not do something because someone else is doing it, do it because you believe it is what's best for you and when you do, don't shift, but they will try to break you". She just could not have said it any better way, but that is just the hard truth and this doesn't just apply to those not going to University but to those who are also in University.

There are so many opportunities out there for those people who do not want to go to University, you could learn a trade or go for short courses -but as a disclaimer this article is not for those lazy ones who are looking an easy way out. There is no easy way out, working with or without a degree you would still face the same challenges and obstacles, something I have come to personally learn and accept over the years is that nothing ever comes easy. We all still need to work hard.

Is a University Degree worth it ?