As an Arsenal fan I can only remain as impartial as possible when critiquing Arsene Wenger. To do so, I try to stick to the facts as much as possible.

I like other Gooners would admit that Arsenal have had a fair share of success in the past, and still dream of a time we were remembered as ‘The Invincibles’. Since that winning season over 14 years ago, Arsenal are yet to win the League and currently sit 6th at the start of 2018. We have also lost 6 games this season, the most out of any team in the top six. Not to mention our Europa League qualification, unable to reach the Champions league after 20 seasons in a row. How does a team go from winning the league without losing, to struggling to remain in the top four in the many years after?

This isn’t a case similar to that of Leicester City, whereby we won as a lower tier side with managerial brilliance, Arsenal are worth £1.118bn and that was quoted from 2015 in the evening standard. Leicester’s on the other hand was worth only 60m before winning the league, and jumped to 200m after it still being a small proportion to that of Arsenal. What successes we have shared as Arsenal fans have only come with a few FA Cup trophies.

Most people look forward to watching ArsenalFanTV more than they do watching Arsenal play. Our Barcelona-like football has moved to counter-attack play and it’s actually become depressing watching Arsenal play at the moment. 

Using ‘The Invincibles’ argument doesn’t even work anymore in terms of justifying our success to others, it was nearly 15 years ago where our dominance is anything but a memory. It’s a truly diminishing feeling to have lost all faith in your club. Its like having an annoying little brother really, your stuck with them forever which essentially is now a part of arsenal patriotism and something which brings arsenal fans together, the sharing of love for something seemingly hopeless.

The clear problem is the manager and I firmly believe had he left years ago, he would have done so with adoration from his fans much like Sir Alex Ferguson. However now, Arsenal fans are happy to see him go and question how he has still kept his job. Signs of a man unable to let go of the glory once lived and desperate to regain trust from his fans.

As a Gooner I can tell you my favourite and most recent standout Arsenal memory came when my idol Thierry Henry returned on loan and scored in the last seconds of the FA Cup third round against Leeds, and ran over and hugged Arsene Wenger with the team surrounding. That was 2012. This is the time Arsene Wenger should’ve resigned, a time he was loved in a time well forgotten.

Though in no doubt Arsene Wenger believes what he’s doing is for the benefit of arsenal, and we appreciate the love he has for our club and everything he’s done for it, but now all he is essentially doing is digging a deeper hole. Yes, the move from The Highbury to the Emirates may have had an impact, but a football pitch is a football pitch, a stadium is only for the attraction of supporters around you. Football is a forever changing game and for the benefit of Arsenal I firmly believe the manager should finally leave too.


Time up for Wenger