With an exponential growth of humans and pollution causing the premature death of our beloved earth, the expectancy of life improvement for the less wealthy seems to have no room at all.

In an economic system set up for rich to enrich themselves and poor to pauperise, the scenario seems even more drastic for the so called third world countries which includes Ghana.


However new studies conducted by the University of Milan “Bocconi” stated that the rapid technological growth and the emerging industries in Africa could possibly reverse the world balance making it the industrial power of the year.


Exemplar demonstration of growth and development is given by the “Gold- Coast” better known as Ghana.

As a matter of fact it is known to be the first country in the Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve the Millennium Development Goal which its target is to halve extreme poverty.


In addition to its rich resources which includes Gold, Diamonds, manganese, aluminium, petroleum and recently discovered oil; the country has been concentrating on building a solid ground on technology research and science.


Annual Technology exhibition

The Ghana technology exhibition it’s an annual event which happens every last weekend of the year at Awoshie, a town situated in the Greater Accra region. The founder of the exhibition: Doc.Eng. Apostle Kwadwo Safo showcase all the technology experiments he has been trying through the years with the ultimate purpose to encourage Ghanaian government and population to endorse home made goods instead of exporting it from the North-Western countries. The event, which was inaugurated in 1979 was originally called Agricultural Show and took place in Kotobabi Swag Park, a suburb of the capital Accra till 2001. Its first purpose was to give to the poor goods cultivated through the year in his farm until the dynamics changed into technology.

Some of the electronical devices which made the exhibition acquired its popularity are: the wooden incubator to hatch chickens in 2014 which was later on improved for human use as well, the television which is controlled by the clap of hands in 2011, electronic cars and many more. Last year’s exhibition which marked its 38th edition, saw the three wheeled sports car named Kantanka )benfo) and a military grade amour personnel carriage (ACP) electric stabilizer, V8 engines locally manufactured, and organic agriculture products.    

Here is a youtube link which shows the "clapping" television invented in 2011: https://youtu.be/Aftk_bpRu0c

President Nana Kufuor Addo at the Technology exhibition in 2017.

Technology development in Ghana.