So Wrong It's Right! is a game show like no other. Instead of answering correctly, contestants are expected to give the most ludicrous, incorrect answers to questions they can think of. The show runs on a three-strike system with two rounds, in which each round has 20 questions based on the category the contestants are given via a 'category wheel'. 

The aim of my show is to provide humorous entertainment to the target audience (Netflix). My idea was to provide 8 episodes into each series with different categories being delivered to contestants (with some contestants being invited from the general public, and a special epiosde in which celebrities take part) on a weekly basis. 

Due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the production of the show was cancelled. Therefore, I have provided a journal with a storyboard and a brief description of the equipment, risks posed by filming, and a brief outline of what I wanted to achieve with my show. I have also attached an example call sheet and release form in which I would have sent to potential contestants had production not been affected. 

Tv Production Tech Sheet: 
PDF Script: 
PDF Running Order: 

So Wrong It's Right!