How will expensive reporting be paid for in the multimedia future? Can the web fund future Bob Woodwards and Paul Foots? I believe Centres like ours must contribute to the search for economic models that can preserve the quality and plurality of journalism. I've written about the topic at greater length today on the Guardian's CommentisFree website.  


Tim.. you've nailed it completely. The industry is in the danger zone, where old revenues are dropping off before new models are proven, leaving journalism somewhat stranded in the middle.

This period is crucial for old papers (like mine, the Birmingham Post) who need time to make the transition to brands that profitably span many more platforms and incarnations.

We have certainly started the process later than we should have, but that just means that we need the answer to your fundamental question pretty darn quick.

Conversations about methods of discourse in the online environment won't pay my reporters' wages. A media brand that makes a profit will.

Paying for the Future