Friday, July 17, 2020 - 17:00
If you passed either the NCTJ TV or the Radio exam in March, to get the credits you need to submit coursework to complete that element of the Broadcast module. 
This is the deadline, 17 July.
Luckily, the TV and radio assessments you did for me are exactly the same as the work you've submitted in Year 2 TV and radio, or on the MA or Year in Journalism courses. So if you passed both those, you can confidently submit the assessments. You can view and download the work you submitted for us on the CFJ assessments. They'll be relatively low-res files, but that is fine.
Normally, I’d suggest recutting according to the feedback sheet. This may be tricky if you don’t have the right kit at home. But I can supply your feedback sheets if you want to do this. 
There’s some paperwork you need to fill out, below. Sign and date the forms and put your NCTJ URN number on them. Send also the mp3s and low res video files of your radio and TV pieces, and a script each for the radio story and the TV story, correctly laid out and with a cue at the top, please by 17 July.

Please put everything into a folder with your name on.

If the folder is small enough, email it.

If not, send via Dropbox, Yousendit, or something similar.

For the avoidance of doubt, you aren’t allowed to submit work twice to the NCTJ diploma, so I’d normally advise not submitting these pieces to the Portfolio. 
Any queries, do drop me a line by email.


NCTJ TV and Radio coursework deadline