It’s that time of the year again where have to do a blog and like all years I have left it to the last minute and panicking about what to write. So, I’ve decided to write my blog on my trip to Amsterdam with some of my friends. A very spontaneous trip that was booked in August for September.

First day of the trip we all got to the Airport in the order that was expected, first was Scott, then me and finally Peter. We got to the airport 4 HOURS EARLY! Security and checking took about roughly 20min so you can guess how long we just waited around. I called shotgun on the window seat of course much to the annoyance of Peter. We got to Amsterdam on time and the organised member of our team (Scott) had of course already booked our train tickets in Amsterdam. We finally got to our hotel in the afternoon.

The first day we pretty much walked around the main city centre, zigzaging throughout the city centre looking at the beautiful city that is a destination that anyone would want to tick off their bucket list. While walking back to our hotel later in the day we noticed a Lidl sign and for some reason we were all surprised by the fact that a multinational corporation could have another operating store outside of UK for some reason.

Second day and the reason why we went to the Amsterdam was to visit the Vincent Van Gough museum. Luckily again because Sctt had booked the tickets already we skipped the lines and went inside the museum. Now unlike other museums I have been this museum had a very orderly aspect to it. Everyone kept in one single file line and moved from left to right following the painting and Vincent’s life as it progressed. We were all amazed by his painting but joking kept saying "Is this it? We could do better." forgetting that everyone there could speak English and probably did not realise we were just joking. We of course also ate traditional food from there, I decided to be brave and try the Amsterdam smoked salmon. Worst. Decision. Of. My. Life. Lets just say I only ate the bread that came with the fish after the first bite from the salmon. 

For the third day of the trip and before our flight back to Gatwick, we decided to visit another musuem, the Rijkmusuem. Here was the worlds most famouse painting the Night Watch said by one of the guides to be "priceless" when inevitably asked how much it was. There were many other painting that covered an entire wall. We took a flight back to Gatwick and again we were early, hours early in the airport. We got back on time flight wasn't delayed or anything but still I missed my train back home because I thought it was a good idea to get a sandwich 5 min before the train leaves. The sandwich was really not worth the £20 extra I had to give for another ticket.

For this year's summer I am planning to go Hungary, I dont know if it will come to be but all I know is I have to tick another country of the bucket list this summer.   

My trip to Amsterdam