The show is an entertainment information show around the topic of video games. They have been around since the late 60's and have blown up to be the fastest growing media industry in the world. Yet no one is making shows for it on a television platform at least not an ongoing series. I therefore wanted to address this and create a show that will both inform people of all ages about the world of games, keep people up to date with the trends of the industry and entertain through a medium otherwise unused on TV. 

  I also wanted to break the stigmatism behind video games and push into the forefront and making it a mainstream and acceptable past time.

The show would discuss the history of games, Gaming controversies, gaming hardware and how its developed and the community itself and what strides it is making to help boom the world of video games.

For my 12 minute clip I focused on learning how to play a game competitievly to a standard that would allow me to succeed at an offical tournament and hopefuly learn how to be successful in the ever growing world of esports.

In the clips I was learning how to play pokemon competitevely ready to enter a tournament later on in the show. I go from catching to breeding to training competitively viable pokemon and then battle against the trainer I bring in to teach me how to do so. It was a fun and informative experiecne and really tells you that there is a ot more to a game than just whats on the surface.

Hence why I wanted to makew this programme. Poth producers and consumers are only starting to scratch the surface of the potentila of video games as a media platform and I wanted to clebrate it as a medium and perhaps even help push it to be better. 

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