With the prospect of a high-levelled meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the US to take place at an undisclosed date and location next month, the fashion world will be keeping a closer eye on the planned summit than you would think. 

Not because of the tyrant's oppressive stranglehold he has on his citizens, nor for his ability to break a world record in golf on his first time playing the sport, but for his sense of fashion. 

Kim Jong-un is a trendsetter in the world of fashion, continually inspiring Lady Gaga to Gigi Hadid, notably with his rarely-seen-without military garbs and ice-cool shades he always wears.

“No Motherland Without You”, a song praising the virtues of Jong-un and his importance to his country and people states: “You made us believe, comrade Kim Jong-un”.

He certainly has given that belief to this rigorous fashion critique, who has a burdensome time grasping the notion of a man who can at one time be ready to go to war with South Korea and the next, be ready to oppress his people the next day: all the while dressed to kill, ironically. 

His style oozes machismo, with an emanating power arousing from the seams of his crafted-for-a-king trousers and top, towering heeled shoes and of course, the trademark aviator glasses he undoubtedly will have claimed to have donned before “Top Gun”. 

Like all fashionista’s, Jong-un's focus isn’t only on his clothing, but on his hair. 

You can only wonder how a man with such a taxing schedule could have time for a perm the dictator has glowing off his skull; a glow similar to the “double rainbow and star that appeared in the heavens” to herald his birth in the 1980s. 

The tiny tyrant – assumed to be 5 foot 5 – choice of wardrobe may have altered just like his date of birth throughout his storied existence.

However his hairstyle has remained in the bouffant form, assumedly because of the prospect of civil war breaking out with his southern neighbours at any moment, there is no time to experiment with gel.

Being endlessly bombarded with images of today’s fashion icons, it’s hard to understand how an individual whose father suffered from aerophobia could have had an effect on the world of fashion.

But looking at these icons today under a microscope, Kim Jong-un’s seeds have sprouted among singer’s Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj and designer Karl Lagerfeld without either of them knowing it.

And it is why the fashion world is anxiously awaiting the planned summit, for Kim Jong-un is not a really a tyrant, but a global fashion icon.    




As Kim Jong-un Prepares to Clash with Trump, the Fashion World is Anxiously on Edge