There is an online meeting with Insider next Wednesday, 13th October, at 2.30pm about a paid internship programme they run.

The meeting is open to all CfJ students, graduates and staff. 

Emily Sexton-Brown from Insider (Assistant Managing Editor of UK Insider) will be joining us to tell us about the Insider Fellowship (paid internship) programme for next year. Applications are open for one starting in January and Emily says there will be another intake in June and then again for the following year. Our recent CfJ graduate Ayo Adekaiyero is currently on the fellowship programme and will join Emily on this call to talk about what he has been working on. The internships on offer, Insider says, include:

- Sports

- Entertainment

- Technology

- Social Media

- News

- Weekend News

- Markets

- Finance

- Lifestyle

- Business News & more!

For current CfJ students, please look in the chat of the 'CfJ family' Team for the link.  CfJ grads are very much welcome to join in.  Please message Angela for the link.


Insider paid internship (fellowship) scheme