People with this mind set really need to change it. When someone I knew told me they were not going to vote in neither the Mayoral elections nor the EU referendum – I was shocked, and also irritated. This is partly because the logic is completely flawed, of course every single vote counts; they’re not just going to throw away your ballot paper.

Voting is incredibly important, and if no one voted because they thought it wouldn’t count, as the result wasn’t what they wanted; there would be no political change at all, and no progress. If you want to leave the EU, you have the power to make that happen with a vote; and if you want Britain to remain in the EU, vote to counteract the others. If you don’t vote then you really can’t complain about the result, because you did nothing to try and change it.

This isn’t just important in the UK – but in America, too. Trump needs to be stopped. Do you think his supporters are sat at home not voting, because ‘it probably won’t matter’? No, which is why Trump is doing much better than he should be, considering how terrible he is.

Even if you think both candidates are horrible people, one has to be a better choice than the other. Why not at least try to make the country a better place by voting for the least bad option?

Although Mayoral election turnout has been increasing over the last few elections, this year being the highest, it was still only a 45.6% turnout. Last year’s general elections had only a 66.1% turnout, a mere 1% raise from the 2010 elections, not enough people are willing to go out and make a change.

If Lord Grey wasn’t elected to pass the Great Reform Act in 1832, would we even have the voting rights we have today? If you’re not voting for yourself, at least vote for the chartists who campaigned to expand the franchise, and the suffragettes who fought for women to be able to vote and end their struggles.

So, if you haven’t registered to vote, then do so here before June 7th, and then go and vote in the EU referendum on 23rd June. If you’re already registered but you’ll be in Kent on that date, then register to vote in Kent, or vote where you are registered, or arrange a postal vote.