It was before my 19th birthday, and I was thinking what shall I do for my birthday, although I’ve booked my experience for sharking feeding. Then I saw a post from my friend on Facebook. It was a certificate for skydiving and then I showed it to my mum, she said, you could do the same.


I suddenly realised, 18th birthday, sounds so exciting because I’m finally an adult and I still have 20th and 21st birthdays. 19 sounds so boring, I shouldn’t just let it go and leave this year to be the most boring year in my entire life (though I think there’s nothing exciting happening in my life).


So, I talked to my mum, and she seems to be more excited than me. Here’s the weird conversation between me and my mum:

Me: Mum, can I do skydiving?

My mum: Yeah, of course, are you doing it this week?

Me: Mum!!! I have to book it first.

My mum: You coward!


In order to prove I’m not a coward, I booked my experience in April. The one I booked is called Hibaldstow Skydive, it’s the biggest one in the UK, that means I have to jump from 15,000 feet high. For me, it’s a tandem skydive because of course I can’t jump by myself.


The jump centre is in a beautiful (boring) village up in the north – Brigg. It took me 4 hours to get there, such a pain. But the experience was amazing and I absolutely loved it, think I would do it again.

The night before skydiving, I searched on the Internet, and I found out that someone died there before which freaks me out. For me, it was a morning jump, I’m glad the weather was so nice but a bit chilli.


So I went to the reception and the staff there told me to sign loads of paper work. One thing is that if you are over 100 kg, I’m sorry but you can’t do skydiving. After all the paper work, I was taken to a 20 minutes briefing. The instructor showed us a video of what we should know and what we shouldn’t do. Then he asked us to sign another sheet. I’m happy it wasn’t that type of sheets saying if you die, there’s no responsibility with the centre.


We were then separated in three groups as the plane could only take 3 people plus their instructors and cameramen at the same time, so I was in the second group. After a 30 minutes wait, it’s finally my turn. Weirdly, I was not scary at all but instead, I was so excited (don’t know why). Maybe it’s because I asked my instructor about the person who died, he said it happened ages ago, even before he’s here.

Finally, it’s my turn. The plane took off with the door open! Yes with the door open! That is definitely something new to me. When it reached to around 15,000 feet high, it the time to jump. I was sitting by the door with my legs hanging outside, my only thought at that time was it’s FREEZING!


I thought my instructor would tell me, 3, 2, 1, ready? But he didn’t even tell me, he just jumped! It was like the first few seconds when you are on a roller coaster but going straight down. I can even feel the hail on my face because of the heights. It was so cold and I couldn’t even move my finger.


When we reached to a certain height, I was allowed to spread my arms and do some gestures. I thought I could do a deb but in fact, I couldn’t even wave at my cameraman, it was just so hard. The wind was so strong as well.

The most exciting bit was we did a bit spin after the parachute opened and we were about 5,000 ft high above the drop zone. At that time, what I felt like was it was just so quiet and what I saw was the views of the beautiful Lincolnshire.  


Before landing, we did a little practice but it was actually harder than I imagined to lift my legs up, just making sure I wouldn’t get two broken legs before I went back.


In general, the whole experience was just amazing and it’s something you wouldn’t do very often in your life unless you work there. Now, bungee jumping is on my list, though it was on my 18th list. A funny story to share with you, on my way to Brigg, I missed my bus to there because I couldn’t find the bus stop and the next one going there was in an hour. So I walked in a nice little pub, and had my lunch there. That’s where I heard the funny story. The pub owner, she told me that she did bungee jumping several years ago, and she didn’t even know she was 4 weeks pregnant.

I jumped out of a plane