The first question you'll probably be asked when telling friends or family that you are doing Veganuary, is "what is that?".

Veganuary is a new trend of going vegan for January, similar to stopping smoking in October (Stoptober) and growing a moustache for November (Movember). People do this for a variety of reasons: over eating at Christmas and now wanting to be healthier, for ethical reasons, or just to see if they can. Although a relatively small trend, it is one that is growing, with around 3,500 signing up in 2016 and over 20,000 putting their name down for the 2017 campaign. Although being vegan or vegetarian isn't for everyone, this campaign gives people who are curious a time to try it out and see if its for them. Even if someone is just vegan for a month, an average of 30 animal lives will have been saved, as well as 33,000 gallons of water, 900 square foot of forrest, and 600lbs of CO2, according to the vegan calculator.


Another very common question is "what can you actually eat?"

Fun fact here- vegans do eat more than grass! An easy way to answer this question is just to say that you can eat whatever, but not whoever. The Veganuary website has a huge list of recipes and products that are accidentally vegan. The site also contains a vegan starter kit and a list of restaurants that are vegan friendly.


You’ll probably experience a phenomenon when you become vegan, and that is that other people become experts in nutrition and are fasciated by your protein and iron intake, always wanting to ask “where do you even get your protein from?”

Not that what you eat is really something other people should be too concerned about, but there are so many ways that vegans get protein! The Vegetarian Resource Group has a huge list of foods that are high in protein, so I would suggest directing those asking there. You could also question them on aspects of their diet, such as how much fibre they get, or if eating all that meat is really good for their blood pressure. 


You may also get questions from those fascinated by anthropology, such as “but our ancestors ate meat?”

That is true! If you go back far enough, our ancestors also lived in caves and believed that the world was flat. Lifestyles change over time, its normal, just because it happened in the past doesn't mean it needs to happen now. But if you want to go and live in a cave, then thats none of my business, just as my diet isn’t any of yours.


There will always be the inevitable person asking "but what about bacon!?"

Ahh bacon, the downfall of so many. Surprisingly, many vegans and vegetarians haven't forgotten that bacon exists! But there are many other things that are also super tasty, and which have never had a face. 


You'll also probably have someone asking the question "isn't being vegan boring?"

No, it isn't. But answering the same questions about it sure is!

How to answer questions on Veganuary