I actually can't believe I haven't made a blog post about zines yet! I'm fairly sure you’ll know that if you've ever had a prolonged conversation with me that I'd have mentioned them at some point…but for those of you who don’t know…(or didn’t understand)…then here’s my passion project:

What are zines?

Zines (pronounced like the end part of magazines) are independently published magazines, made using reclaimed materials such as scrap newspapers, magazines and leaflets to make art. They are normally made from a single piece of A4 paper that is then folded in a particular way in order to make a 3x double page booklet with a front and back cover. Zines can be on any topic and can include poetry, photography or other forms of artistic representation. Once created, they are printed on mass and either given away for free to collectors or sold at cost.

My history with Zines

My zine journey began back in September 2019 when a close friend of mine introduced me to them. The two of us began to meet up weekly to make zines and catch up with each other on the previous week. Slowly we added more people and decided that we should run a weekly workshop. This workshop is open to all and is a free space where people can come and make zines. Over the year we picked up a vast amount of materials to use so we’re always looking for new ways to use them up (please send help I’m drowning in paper).

What I’m up to now

Currently, I’m in the process of turning my zine workshops into a TV show for my TV Production module. I came up with the very pun-tastic name – De-Ziners.  The main concept I want to portray is representation. It is my hope that through the project, themes revolving around LGBTQ, BAME, disability, etc can be expressed through the medium of zine art. This way it will allow the artists of the show to express their thoughts on a subject and for the audience to likewise attach themselves to the themes being represented but also to learn and hopefully be inspired to become more involved in the arts and expression.

Do you want to zine with us?

No, seriously. Please come. It would mean a lot. 

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Hey guys - did I tell you about my zines?!