I stayed up at 2am and watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. Honestly, I don’t think it was worth staying up for it was very anti-climatic until the end. I mean even though I found the episode to be a bit lack lustre Twitter did make it somewhat enjoyable. Despite all of this there was one character that really managed to piss me off and that character was...... None other than Daenerys Targaryen herself, baring in mind she already started to irritate me towards the end of last season but this episode really solidified my dislike for her.

Throughout the whole episode she really showcased how pathetic and insecure she really is. I’ll explain my reasoning behind giving her these labels she’s definitely insecure because she cared way too much about whether Sansa liked her or not. I wondered why this was the case until I remembered that for most of the show she’s had this compulsive need to be liked, but I found it particularly pathetic this episode like you literally have DRAGONS and a HUGE ARMY behind you why do you care whether this stranger you JUST met likes you or not?! Ever since the last season I’ve also found her sense of entitlement so aggravating she feels like everything should be handed to her just on the basis of her last name.

When the season first started I felt sorry for her because of all the persecution she had faced and thought her reselience was cute. At this point she can go I also won’t be surprised if it’s Jon that does the job.

Everybody has Cersei down as the villain of the show, but when you really think about it Daenerys is no better. She puts on this nice benevolent act, but when people don’t give her what she wants she immediately turns to violence that’s why she literally murdered most of the Tarly family. I have evidence to back this up volunteers at the Australian Red Cross found that Ms Tangerine was the second biggest war criminal on the show after Ramsay Bolton. Yeah that’s right Daenerys has committed more war crimes than Cersei. Honestly, Daenerys is boring anyway I would rather keep Cersei who is open and her true wicked nature than Daenerys who pretends to be all sweet and innocent, she’s officially replaced Sansa as the most irritating character on the show to me. I mean the fact that she’s sleeping with her nephew also doesn’t help matters she’s slowly, but surely turning into her crazy father.

Here’s the link thr article that lists the biggest war criminals on GOT: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6902801/...

Daenerys is annoying