Coursework for Broadcast Journalism

Dear NCTJ Broadcast students,

When your NCTJ Radio and TV coursework is ready, please send me the forms (below, along with other details of what is required) and the coursework.

Please send me the scanned forms, mp3s and low res video files of your radio and TV pieces, and a script each for the radio story and the TV story, correctly laid out and with a cue at the top, please by 1500 hours on 3 April.

Sign and date them and put your NCTJ URN number on them please.

The easiest way is to make a folder with your name on and put everything in it. If you export your TV piece from FCPX using File/Share/Master file/Apple Devices (lowest resolution) that will be best. Don't forget to check Do Nothing in settings on the final field of the FCP export dialog box so the file doesn't go into iTunes.

The folder should be small enough to mail to me. If not, Dropbox it.

Any questions, do ask. If you can't see me, email, and I will get back to you quickly.

I would really advise taking on board my feedback from your Kent mark sheet (which I am happy to supply by email, if you've lost it).

There are two reasons for recutting and re-voicing:

1.You'll get higher marks.

2.You will practice skills that your future employer values greatly in a new recruit. (This one is more important)


Coursework for Broadcast Journalism deadline