Many congratulations to Brad Harper and Frazer Norwell, who have won the highly prestigious Daily Mail scholarships for 2019. 

Brad, who won the postgraduate scholarship, impressed with his feature submission on the 98-year-old Kent grandmother who survived being imprisoned by the Nazis for distributing anti-Hitler leaflets.

Frazer's story on the campaign for fairer paternity rights to fathers of extremely premature babies helped to win him the undergraduate scholarship.

Both win £2,500 and a work experience placement at the Daily Mail this summer. No doubt they will both hope to emulate 2017 scholar Isabella Fish, who ended up working at the Mail following her placement. Bella is now at fashion magazine Draper's Record.

A word of congratulations too to Nick Hardinges and Isabel Eidhamar, who reached the final interview stage with Daily Mail group managing editor Alex Bannister.



Congratulations to our Daily Mail scholars 2019: Brad Harper and Frazer Norwell