Scheme Overview

You will undertake training while working alongside news teams creating content for multiple platforms. You’ll get hands-on experience involving researching, writing and broadcasting news.

We offer general journalism trainee places around the UK which means you could be working in one of our newsrooms or news programmes in London, Salford, Cardiff, Shetland or Orkney. 

The scheme takes 10 months to complete and will equip you with the skills to move into a permanent role at the BBC.

How much will I be paid?

The salary for the year will be £21,216. If you are based in London, the salary is £25,776 per annum.

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Good luck everyone. This is the scheme I joined the BBC on many years ago and it is brilliant.   If you need any help with any stages of this process, come and see me. 

If you haven't applied yet, or you've got through the scheme and would like a few more pointers, here's a guide I put together recently with some advice from people who had previously done the scheme.

BBC Journalism Trainee Scheme open for applications