For all you foodies out there, I dedicate this one to you.

To anyone who doesn’t know me that well, I am probably one of the biggest foodies you could possibly meet.

Most people participate in some form of activity at least once a week whether it’s sport, drama or napping. Mine was eating out for dinner (pre-uni of course).  It was basically a hobby.

For those that are students... I know our budget doesn’t quite stretch for the costs needed to eat out, however if you’re ever feeling adventurous with money and wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the week eating a 50p bread roll for your breakfast, lunch and dinner then I’ll be listing the top 10 restaurants I think you must go to! (and if ur rich, can i be u pls?)


1. Cafe Rouge

Okay, so Cafe Rouge is without a doubt one of my most favourite restaurants, especially the one in Bluewater. The ambience in there almost has you feeling like you’re in Paris - and if it doesn’t then listening to me and Liv attempt to order our food in a French accent certainly will.

Not only do they have phenomenal food, they also do really good cocktails! I recommend the Rouge Mimossa or the Berry Punch. 

Me and Liv visit there regularly, whether it be for a special occasion or because we’re simply sick of eating supernoodles.

I highly recommend the pate or avocado and crab tian to start and either the poulet breton (chicken) or the confit de canard (duck) for main.  All 4 of these dishes are divine and if you disagree then I highly recommend getting your taste buds checked.  

Although their deserts are also nice, I’d much rather a freakshake from Byron!

Speaking of Byron...


2. Byron & BGK

Of all the thousands of burger restaurants, Byron has to be up there alongside GBK for the best burgers.  If I could merge the menus of GBK and Byron I definitely would. GBK burgers with Byron starters, sides and milkshakes!

If we’re talking beef burgers it has to be the avo bacon burger because who doesn’t love avo and bacon, right? Chicken on the other hand is a whole new kettle of fish. My fav chicken burger at GBK is Hey Pesto. If I could eat pesto for the rest of my life I would be ridiculously happy, plus it has bacon and bacon is good for me (if u know u know). 

Byron’s invention of Mac’n’Cheese balls is honestly legendary.  What more could you want than arguably one of the best Italian dishes deep fried?! 

Moving on to the partner of the burger... CHIPS! Byrons loaded chips with cheese and bacon are to die for and a must try!

Byrons freakshakes are in my opinion the Bouff Daddy of milkshakes.  You can either get the Oreo or the Reese’s.  I go for the Reese’s which contains a Reese’s milkshake with whipped cream, Reese’s cups and a brownie on top.  CALORIE OVERLOADDD but defo worth it!!!


3. Prezzo

I’m a massive sucker for Italian food.  Even when I was little my go to dinner was a spaghetti Bolognese which I’d cook most Friday nights with my grandad while we put on lame Italian accents. 

I can’t pinpoint my favourite dishes because I would be here all day but my go to dishes when I don’t know what I fancy would have to be the baked mushrooms to start, the king prawn spaghetti or the Caesar salad, and the honeycomb smash cheesecake! 

There’s so many other amazing Italian restaurants that I love but Prezzo has always been one of my go tos!


4. Miller & Carter

I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t beat a classic steakhouse.  Miller & Carter is renowned for its steak dishes with a variety of sides to choose from.  

Although I love a steak I’m also a massive chicken lover so always end up opting for the BBQ glazed chicken.  It’s basically a hunters chicken with sweet potato fries and their famous onion loaf.  

Being such a dedicated food lover I cant stop there.  I then order sides of mac & cheese and garlic button mushrooms.  

I’m a huge fan of mac and cheese and I must say the one at Miller & Carter is one of the best I've ever tasted.  

For my steak lovers I also recommend Buenos Aires in Maidstone.  It’s a small restaurant on the high street with amazing steak and chicken. Perfect for a date night.


5. Chimichanga

“The only thing weird would be someone not liking Mexican food because I’m making fajitas!!!” 

Chimichanga is one of them restaurants that never fails to disappoint, even if its just a stop off for a cheeky cocktail on your way home (yes, me and Liv are guilty of this on multiple occasions).

Being an avo lover I could eat guacamole till the end of time and the guac served with the nachos at Chimichanga is honestly incredible.

I can’t pinpoint my fav dish but as Ross in Friends points out, who doesn’t love a good fajita and Margherita?


6. Sheesh

Students, this is where we go to the more expensive restaurants that we can only really afford on payday, typically spending all our money at once then going back to 50p bread rolls for the next 4 weeks.

I think of Sheesh as a classy kebab, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love a kebab? 

I’d pretty much devour everything on the menu but you can’t beat a standard lamb sis.

The kleftico is also a must have. 

The cocktails are also unreal as long as you don’t mind being ripped off for around £14 per drink.

A Sheesh date with the girls is pending and I honestly cannot wait.


7. Alec's/Smiths

Alec’s is a fish restaurant in Brentwood and Smiths is a similar restaurant with one restaurant in Ongar and the other in Wapping.

I’ve been to the one in Wapping and the restaurant over looks London on the River Thames.  It’s a must go to!!

Anything with a soy and ginger sauce sucks me in so I tend to order the scallops and the salmon in both restaurants (their menus are ridiculously similar).

If you’re not a fish lover they also sell steak which is said to be really nice.

While I prefer Smiths, I would advise visiting both as I can guarantee you would not leave disappointed.



8. Hakkasan

Hakkasan is a Chinese restaurant in Mayfair.

Chinese has to be one of my favourite takeaways.  I spent way too many days in sixth form munching on prawn crackers and curry sauce at lunch.

With a Chinese I can never pick one day that’s my favourite - it just depends how I feel on the day.

They have such a wide range of dishes to chose from I couldn’t even begin to start talking about them but if you’re a Chinese lover then defo check this place out!


9. The Savoy Hotel

The Savoy Hotel in London has a restaurant that makes exquisite food.

The Savoy Grill is one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants so you know you wont be disappointed.

They offer a lunch menu, a dinner menu and an afternoon tea menu. 

I visited a few years back and must say I’ve never quite enjoyed a meal like I did this one.


10. The Shard

So my mum has this tradition that on my birthday we go somewhere fancy for dinner. My 17th birthday was spent at the Shard eating too much food and drinking so much wine and cocktails I didn’t know how to make it to the toilet (a story for another time.)

The Shard do the typical food you find in most places whether it be meat or fish or a form of pasta.  But it’s a fancy place so what do they do? Make the portions smaller and the prices higher - not ideal for someone that loves eating as much as I do.

Jokes aside The Shard is a place that everyone should visit and experience.  There’s nothing quite like looking over London at sunset with the people you love and eating spectacular food. 

I’ve only been to the Aqua restaurant but am dying to try the Oblix (if a fellow foodie wants to go then let me know)


Every single one of these restaurants I would suggest trying at some point.  The first 5 are cheaper and found in most areas however if you have money that you’re not sure what to spend it on then either donate to mine and Liv’s food and sesh fund or try out one of the last 5 restaurants I mentioned.

If anyone has any restaurants they recommend then let me know and we can bond over our love for food!

To all the foodies out there