If you’ve ever met me you’d know I’m a huge ABBA fan. I could literally talk to you about them for hours and hours and never get bored. ( No promises of not boring YOU to death.) My mother first introduced me to their music when I was 6 years old, and from then on the only sound you could hear coming from my room was them.  Through thick and thin their music would be the only thing I could find solace in. Of course I’m overexaggerating but you get my point – they played a big part in my childhood which also led me to liking other 60s and 70s bands.

As I’m writing this, can you take a wild guess as to what music I’m listening to? Little hint: they’re a Swedish pop group. 

However as much as I love thinking that I’ve always been a true fan, that’s a lie. I was guilty of only knowing ABBA’s hits songs up until the movie Mamma Mia 2 came out in 2018, which is when I discovered some of their less well-known tunes.  Obviously I wasn’t one of those people that claim they know ABBA, but can only name ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mamma Mia’ – however, watching the second movie definitely helped me expand my song knowledge. 

Mamma Mia will always remain my favourite… ever since it came out in 2008 I have watched it at least a couple of times per year. The cast did an amazing job portraying each character and even though they weren’t professional singers, their voices were quite good. As beautiful as the music and cinematography of the film is, I think the greatest charm of the movie is that you can tell the actors genuinely enjoyed being a part of the production from the way they breathe life into their characters. For a moment, I forget I’m watching a movie and feel like I’m in it with them. 

I often hear mixed reviews about the second movie. Some like me are grateful they got the chance to discover new songs, others love it because Lily James acts in it. I’m not saying she isn’t talented or pretty – because she definitely is, but you can’t compare her to Meryl Streep.

When I went to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia 2,  I was so disappointed Meryl Streep was barely in it –– because c’mon! Who doesn’t love her?  That woman can play any role you give her. She’s an icon. 

You should definitely watch both movies, if you haven't already ( beaware I am judging those of you who haven't), because it is a nice way to pass the time especially if you want to procrastinate from your uni work. 


‘ I wonder ’ who else is crazy about ABBA