I've made some progress on improving the integration of Twitter with this site. Students and staff members can now register details of their Twitter accounts, which means that any blog they post on centreforjournalism will automatically be tweeted to their own Twitter account as well as to the CfJKent Twitter account. It can also work in reverse - if you choose to, you can opt for your Twitter account to automatically feed to a new section on this site.

A few students have already registered - take a look at centreforjournalism.co.uk/tweets to see how it will look. I'd like some feedback about this. Do you think it's useful? Desirable? Note that the feed is not instantaneous: it checks Twitter for updates every hour.

For instructions on how to register your Twitter account, see here.



I don't think it's that useful. Quite a few of the tweets are personal and not related to journalism. Unless of course it wasn't supposed to be used like that. Besides, with the hour delay, I've probably already read it on Twitter anyway.

Are people who haven't yet signed up interested in Twitter? If not might be easier for everyone who is to follow a list of CfJ people. I'm in the middle of a New Year, new organised me sort out. Cleaning up my Twitter account instead of my room... Just added a CfJ list - for anyone on Twitter, you can follow the list as well.

And I think it is a useful labour-saving tool and a valuable addition to the site, but that's probably because I don't use Twitter for personal messages.  

...it's an epic idea. Just a shame that as Twitter is famed for how instant it is you couldn't get it to check for Tweets more often. And Becci I think most of us tweet a mixture of personal and news related stuff so I don't see the problem in having a feed on here. 

I can set it to update more often than hourly - that just happened to be the frequency I set to check most of the other feeds to the site. I could experiment with more frequent updates.

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

Ian, it's possible to only show selected tweets, so in Views, why don't we filter out all the personal rubbish and only show the ones we want to show? Convention with Twitter is to add a hashtag onto the end of a popular or recurring subject, so if it's journalism related, I'm sure everyone can just add #cfj on the end of a tweet and watch it appear on site :)

Certainly using a hash tag like #cfj is a possibility, but filtering isn't quite what I had in mind with this. I wasn't thinking this necessarily had to be a part of the site that focused purely on serious journalism issues. Twitter is a social network after all, and so I saw this feed as being a window to the Centre for Journalism's social side as much as anything else. I thought it would be useful for people (like me) who don't spend much time on Twitter, and also to give visitors from outside the CfJ a sense of what we're about outside the newsroom.

What does anybody else think? Would you prefer it if only selected tweets appeared on the site?

Incidentally Nick, I don't think the hashtag filtering could be a job for Views - it'd have to be done deeper in the code. And in fact it might well be easier to let Twitter do the filtering and then feed that to the site without people having to register accounts etc.

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

I'm pretty sure it is just a case of filtering in Views, at least it is for the block I've created using the Twitter module. Just added the filter Twitter: Message text contains #cfj

That's on a block, rather than a collated list of users but it can't be that much different?

I stand corrected. Hadn't realised there were so many Twitter filters supplied with the Views handler. You've obviously made some progress with Drupal, Nick ;)

Original point still stands though. I can filter it if people think that's the way to go - I suspect what would happen is that not many would either remember or bother to add the #cfj hashtag and we'd end up with a moribund feed. Quite happy to be proved wrong if there's an appetite to try it out.

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

Little bit of progress, yeah. Views is now my bitch. :)

I still don't see that me telling everyone I'm down the pub is going to be useful, but heigh-ho. This is just a tool to let you lecturers check up on us secretly and more easily, isn't it?

I'll add myself onto it, but no one complain to me that it's boring and that Twitter is a waste of time, because I am an appalling and uninteresting Twitterer.