GottaMUSTabsolutely HAStobeLIVE!!


The BBC's obsession with LIVE reporting plumbed an amusing new nadir of absurdity last night. Scotland Correspondent Lorna Gordon travelled from her base at Pacific Quay in Glasgow to the banks of the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders to cue in a report about Norwegian salmon rivers that are infected with bacteria. The connection to Scotland? Well Scottish rivers have salmon too, silly head.

Clever Amoebae?

With occasional exceptions, British journalism is not at its best when reporting science. Usually we ignore it. When we pay attention we have a tradition of laziness and misunderstanding that too often leads to entirely deliberate hyperbole

Latest from Beijing

In my blog yesterday I wrote that the Chinese authorities had rescinded press freedoms granted during the Olympic Games. It now appears that early reports from Beijing were too pessimistic and that I may have been wrong.


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