Sabah is A-grade star of our magnificent 17

Belated but sincere congratulations to the 17 MA and Year 2 students who recently passed the  NCTJ's Essential Journalism exam. 

Sabah Jalal triumphed with a rare A grade and B grades were achieved by Alice Beer, Rob Bryne, Tommaso Dimiddio,  Grace Gausden,  Harry Howard, Max Mead, Daniel Otyway and Laura Trussell.

Well done all. 


Free books - be one in a million

Drag your nose from your laptop, desktop flatscreen or Kindle for a bit and stick it into some really ancient technology for a change. A book. They've been with us for 600 years, but I've got some beautiful modern ones to give away.
I was among the 20,000 lucky people selected to get some of the one million books to give away as part of World Book Night. So was Paulene, my wife.

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