30 June deadline for applications for RTS bursaries

The Royal Television Society wants to help talented young people from lower income backgrounds to realise their potential and get a foothold in the television industry. They award 20 bursaries each year to students who have a place to study on our Journalism undergraduate course. To be eligible for a bursary, your household income must be less than £25,000 a year. The bursaries are to support living expenses and will be paid in instalments of £1,000 a year for the duration of the course.

Broadcast regulation mock feedback

This is for all students who are going to sit the Broadcast Regulation exam.

Even if you didn't do the mock (boo). Particularly if you didn't sit the mock. 

Please come to the big UG newsroom on the first floor, G1-04 at 1pm today, Monday 5 March.


PS I am attaching the marking guide to sample exam 3, the mock, which has model answers, and another sample exam, number 1, with both a marking guide and model answers.

Broadcast regulation: the Ofcom code

Students have been asking Dave what parts of the Ofcom code to concentrate on.

I'm attaching the Broadcast Module programme of study which summarises the topics dealt with by different sections of the code. I hope you find this helpful


PS the vital thing is to study the Ofcom adjudications, which they call bulletins. Once again, here is the link:



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