These are the two radio programmes broadcast by year 2 students on the BA in Journalism and the News Industry on Thursday 28 February.

Here's the first, that aired at 3.30pm:

[swf file="Newsdays/Yr2Newsday2013.mp3"]

Presenters: Lydia Deichmann and Kieran Watkins

Studio producer: Rebecca Laurence

Bulletin editor: Mhairi Beveridge

Reporting team: Jack Reed, Matt Charles, Damilola Sole, Emily Magdij, Josh Morl, Sam Thompson, Clarissa Place, Dan Sampayo, Molly Pike, Laura Griffiths

And here is the second (well, most of it...):

[swf file="Newsdays/Yr2NewsdayTeamPendry.mp3"]

Presenters: Bill Topping and Jemma Collins

Studio producer: Christine Stokes

Bulletin editor: Lydia Hamilton

Reporting team: Carlo Boffa, Lauren Clarke, Rikki Clarke, Josh Margrie-Rouse, Declan Olley, Mara Podaru, Kirsten Ringelmann, Ben Wright, Christopher Walker


Or we could just ignore that it even happened ;)

Radio bulletins 28 February 2013