The Good the Bad and the Ugly film review

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a western epic and follows three morally questionable gunslingers searching for $200,000 in buried gold in a cemetery. The information about the location of the gold is divided up between them – one knows where the cemetery is; one knows the name on the gravestone where the gold is buried and the other only knows of the existence of the buried gold. So they must work together – for a time.

2018: a better year for Theresa May?

2018 could hardly be worse for Theresa May than 2017, an agonizing and even at times, humiliating year for the Prime Minister, with an election she only just about managed to avoid losing outright despite a thumping victory looking almost certain only weeks before. But glimmers of hope managed to shine through the sweeping clouds that covered much of the political world last year and could forecast a better year.

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