Why I feel 18 again

When I finished my A levels, I decided to go to art college.
My family were supportive of my choice but they were shocked. It’s a well known fact that I can’t draw to save my life. I must have been in denial about my ability but in the three (yes, three) days I stuck it out there, I realised it wasn’t my thing.

Should we reform our electoral system?

For me, the answer to the above question was always "no". After being taught during A level Government and Politics to reel off all the strengths of First Past the Post (quick and simple to understand, strong and stable government etc etc), I was convinced that the system was great. After all, it hadn't successfully managed to create the dreaded Hung Parliament situation so all was well. Then, in 2010, it happened. While I would have loved to have been a journalist around that time, the whole thing was a bit of a mess. Who would end up in government?

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