#KentExtra helpers needed

Hey guys!

We are running a Kent Extra workshop form June 1-5 at the Centre. This is a great opportunity to practice and share your skills with other Uni of Kent students.

On most days, we need people to help us pre-make a radio bulletin, a tv show, website or newspaper and then help them finish it during their afternoon lesson. You would be helping me, Rob, Ian and Richard out. 

If you are free to help for one or a couple of days please email me on lauris.garcia@gmail.com.

ps. It's paid work, get some monies. 

Need something from a particular newsday for your portfolio?

If anybody wants to use something from a newsday as part of their portfolio come find me. I have archives of this last year's batch of newsdays. 

Come with the day of the newsday you are looking for + hard drive so you can take your files with you.

Hope revision is going well! Here's a little playlist I found lately that's helping me push on with the PhD work. Hope you enjoy it! =)

CFJ 3rd Years get ALL the jobs

Exams haven't even started and two of our BA 3rd years students have already secured themselves a job. Jade Edwards and Cecily Snowball join the likes of Sara Malm and Clarissa Place by getting a job before graduation. #SoMuchWin

Jade Edwards will be the Centre's latest contribution to the KM group and will join the team at the Gravesend office, where MA grad Ben Kennedy is already well established. 

Journo job hunting

I know some of you are combining a bit of job hunting mid-revision (KEEP REVISING!) so here are some tools to help. I made this twitter list with useful accounts to follow who post frequent journalism jobs. You can simply subscribe to the list and make sure you check it every once in a while.

Also keep an eye on our @CfjKent because some wizard manages that and constantly tweets fabulous jobs. 


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