Quarantine and Gaming: Third Way Interaction

As we approach a month in isolated life, this situation gives us an excuse to do (or attempt) something productive while we twiddle our thumbs and wait for this bug to blow over. I've tried painting through my vast backlog of unfinished plastic miniatures and have even taken up learning a language with the time I've got, but there has been one notable factor that made my time in quarantine bearable. Not the internet, that doesn't need explaining. But rather multiplayer gaming, the best way I've found to still enjoy the presence of friends near and far.

Knowledge Without Borders

The times we live in are, by far, the greatest in history for information and data. To be able to connect to a comprehensive database of human knowledge, theories and services with a couple of clicks and keystrokes is an immense privilege that we cannot begin to fully appreciate. With access to the internet now in handheld form, the human species is well on its way to becoming a technologically-driven race which, for better or worse, would see more information than someone 500 years ago would only dream of seeing in five life-times.

Technology and Politics: the fine line being broken by time

As of this year (2019) the number of mobile phone users is destined to reach a whopping 4.68 billion people, more than half of the world's current population. Considering that 'modern' smartphones only started coming out in mass circulation around the early 2000s, it is safe to assume that a majority of this countless community did not grow up around such technology and instead adapted when these useful handheld tools quickly became synonymous with everyday life.

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