There have been many complaints about the long-awaited Glastonbury line-up, and I must confess that I did moan about it when the full line-up was revealed last week, but, it’s Glastonbury, the festival is an amazing experience, regardless of who plays.

Of course people go to Glastonbury for the music, but the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary arts, is much more than that. Anyone that has been to Glastonbury will tell you of the experience they had, music is just a part of it.

I first went to Glastonbury when I was 15 and I was amazed at the atmosphere and the people who went there. No-one cared what they looked like and everyone was having fun, who else can tell a story of having some chips stolen by an elderly woman who was dressed only in fairy wings and flower nipple tassels? Not many, and probably for a good reason, but I digress. There is an atmosphere that is hard to describe, but everyone at the festival is there to have fun, even if you’re standing right at the very back with mud up to your ankles, there is a very positive atmosphere, and that is what Glastonbury is really about.

Whilst I was disappointed with Metallica being announced as the Saturday night headliner, well, they’re no Fleetwood Mac or Prince, and really, apart from metal-heads who can name any song other than ‘Enter Sandman’. BUT, the same criticisms were made about Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and their performances were incredible, I know, I was there. Without sounding pretentious, the opening to Jay-z’s Glastonbury set was incredible, they had put a video together with all of the criticism he’d received, finishing with Noel Gallagher, and then sang ‘wonderwall’. Brilliant.

This year I’m looking forward to exploring Glastonbury and staying away from most of the main stages and going to the Crossiant Neuf, Shangri La and up to the stone circle to experience the festival as a whole.

And, of course, drinking cider (hopefully in the sun) now that I’m legally allowed. 

It's Glastonbury, it doesn't matter