Hello, this is your captain speaking...

Right lads, we're looking for a couple budding football stars amongst you! A group of us third years formed a rather fine team in first year to play each week in a 7-aside PlayFootball league in Medway. We've been title challengers from the beginning and want to strengthen ahead of the new season (and the final season for us third years) in the Premier league division.

After a squad evaluation our ideal candidates include:

We as journalists are privileged

So there is no escaping it – journalism and the news industry has been under a barrage of scrutiny for years. Following the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal and the Leveson inquiry, journalists have been well and truly under the spotlight. And rightfully so. Although the use of subterfuge is one of the few tools in a journalist’s arsenal to hold power to account, this power was abused.

An outsider looking in – a Muslim’s perspective of America

So unless you’ve taken a trip off to a distant planet the last few weeks, you’ll know Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States of America. The more likely scenario is that you’ve been in a weird hybrid hibernation – sleeping for a while, waking up to check if it really happened, then pretending it didn’t by going back to sleep - since the dramatic result of a fascinating, but very depressing election. I wouldn’t blame you. We’ve just endured arguably one of the worst elections. We witnessed two candidates who were not particularly liked face off.

EU Referendum: Are you still hanging in there?

With the EU referendum edging closer, the burden of a new era lingers. But before history can be written, I can’t help but wonder whether it’s a history that enough people (particularly young people) are willing to create. Or maybe the issue isn’t willingness, it’s the political insecurity that overshadows many folks. It’s no allusion that voting has declined in the UK over the last 30 years – again, there is a gap amongst the youth. Are people bored? Are people not educated enough to reach a decision? Do people simply not care?

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