What I wish I could've told my 16-year-old self

For me, it wasn’t that long ago that I actually was just 16 years old but my Lord, so much has changed since then.

There’s been times that I thought about everything that I would’ve changed, or what I know now which I knew back then. I could probably write a whole book on the advice I wish I could’ve given teenage Georgia, but that would take far too long, so here is 10:

Dear Logan Paul

Over the course of the holidays writing this blog post has been in the back of my mind as I have continuously pondered on what to write. I wanted to write about something I felt strongly about, one where I could voice my opinion slightly more. And then something happened over the course of Christmas and it became clear to me what it was that I should write about and at first I didn't know how to go about it. Now, I feel like I've found that way and it is a blog post in the style of a letter.

Dear Logan Paul,

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