Congo's Civil war

The Rwandan genocide that had 1,074,017 civilians killed shocked the world in its extreme brutality and cruelty.


Unfortunately, history is seeming to repeat itself in a country that happens to be neighbour of Rwanda; the Democratic republic of Congo.


Congo Is facing the most serious political crisis in its history and have been in a state of civil war for nearly 20 years. However, hasn’t had much news coverage in the mainstream media.


Warrior gene

The New Zealand terrorist attack that happened earlier this month has left a bitter taste in everyone’s life. The official number of deaths has risen to 50 people and 36 remain hospitalized, including 9 people in critical condition. The shooter was identified as 28-year-old Australian citizen Brenton Harrison Tarrant, and has been charged with mass murder.

Technology development in Ghana.

With an exponential growth of humans and pollution causing the premature death of our beloved earth, the expectancy of life improvement for the less wealthy seems to have no room at all.

In an economic system set up for rich to enrich themselves and poor to pauperise, the scenario seems even more drastic for the so called third world countries which includes Ghana.


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