Last Thursday Year 1 and Year 2 students spent the day putting together two competing newspapers for their print newsday. Here are the fruits of their labours.


The Evening Champion




News editors: Michelle Gleaves and Jade Edwards

International editor: Stine Wannebo

Business editor Cecily Snowball

Sports editor: CIan Hodge

Production editor: Clara Easthill

News team: Uzoma Jemade, Adriene Serre, Alistair Iveson, Conor Diggin, Emily Rouse, Jackie Gordon, Jake Taylor, Jenna Kaye, Lauren Meechan, Sheryl Goddard


The Eagle


News editor: Victoria Polley

Features editor: Sarah Boast

Business editor: Alex Norman

Sports editor: Danny Rust

Production editor: Amy Nickalls

News team: Dan Hodge, Katie Palmer, Paige Aldridge,  Abigail Morris, Abigail Nuttall, Andrae Akeh, Ben Kosma, Cecilie Trodahl, Gemma Huesca, Monica Samia

The Eagle and the Evening Champion: newspapers produced by Year 1 and 2 students