I'm a CFJ grad & I'm responsible for the crisp pyramid you’re fighting about on Twitter

First of all, let's get one thing straight - the tiers AREN'T MY PERSONAL OPINION. Channel 5 surveyed people, and just like with Brexit, the public really fu!$%d up.
Anyway, this story begins earlier than you think. When I first started on Channel 5's social / video team at the beginning of February, one of my first shows to clip was 'Britain's Favourite Crisps' and I saw the show, made the pyramid, and was SO EXCITED for it to be out there in the world. Then due to a scheduling change, it was pulled, and myself and my boss waited eagerly for its return.

How to save all of your money only to spend it all on NCTJ exams


During my first term here, I spent all my money willy-nilly. I didn’t really know about budgeting – and let’s face it, I was being an idiot about my spending. Then I had no money and my life was much less fun. This forced me to become the thriftiest person alive. So, if you’re like me and need to save/ don’t want to be spending as much as you are right now, I’ve compiled a list of how to live on a budget, but still have fun.

Also, those NCTJ exams aren’t gonna pay for themselves!!!!!!!

1.       Book your train tickets online in advance.

Being an adult seems HARD.

Today is my 20th birthday. The end of my teenage years. The end of an era.

Not being a teenager any more means I’m officially an adult, which is a daunting thought. I don’t quite know how to deal with becoming an adult, or even acting like one, really.


People with this mind set really need to change it. When someone I knew told me they were not going to vote in neither the Mayoral elections nor the EU referendum – I was shocked, and also irritated. This is partly because the logic is completely flawed, of course every single vote counts; they’re not just going to throw away your ballot paper.

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