As Kim Jong-un Prepares to Clash with Trump, the Fashion World is Anxiously on Edge

With the prospect of a high-levelled meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the US to take place at an undisclosed date and location next month, the fashion world will be keeping a closer eye on the planned summit than you would think. 

Not because of the tyrant's oppressive stranglehold he has on his citizens, nor for his ability to break a world record in golf on his first time playing the sport, but for his sense of fashion. 

Snow Ball Fight!!!!!

Dear CFJ,

There is to be a snowball fight commencing from 1pm outside the Gillingham building agreed to by the MAs. 

As lame as that may sound to some, it will be nothing but awesome. 

We ask anyone hoping to engage in some shenanigans to join us from that time and to be on your A-game, because we the MAs do not mess about. 

This invitation is also open to CFJ staff as we do not discriminate against immobilty and joint-issues of any kind. 

Hope to see anyone there. 

You won't believe what happened to me last week: my Watergate

Ever watched a movie and witnessed something so bizarre in it you couldn’t help but wonder if it would ever happen to you in real life?

It happened to me last week, chasing a story for a print assignment due this week concerning a follow up to a notable death last year in a car park close-by.

Now, I’ve had to jump through hoops to interview the former MP of Kingston and Surbition, climb mountains to interrogate everyone’s favourite Mysterious Girl Peter Andre, but have never found myself in a Woodward/Bernstein meets Deepthroat position for a story before.

Dear Student Journalists...An Open Letter

With the confessionals recently taking place within these walls and within close proximity to myself about the unfavourable disadvantages of being a student journalist, the advantages need to be stated.

When encountering reticence to journalistic progression, it must be remembered the onus is never on your source to oblige you, but on you to convince your source to want to. The greatest advantage afforded to the student journalist is to their considerable personal advantage: the lack of any credibility.

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