Does anyone have a copy of "The Challenge of Democracy" by Cunningham? I need to read the first two chapters by Monday, the due date of my book through the post is Tuesday and the library has no copies, not even the reference! If I could borrow one for a day or two that would be great.


I'm not living near campus at the moment, so I can't bring it in this weekend, but I'll bring it for you on Monday if you want?

Most of the first two chapters are viewable on Google Books, too, if that helps.

Thank you for telling me about the google books edition! Tim mentioned it was on the internet (he obviously was refering to google books) so reading that verson will be fine. Thanks again for the info!

Actually could you bring that book in tomorrow? Google book cuts out the last 14 pages and I am assuming them to be fairly critical to what we need to know.

I'll give it to you in conference.

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