Digital Art Exhibition - The Human Experience: Know Justice, No Peace


A digital art exhibtion sponsored by the Kent Law School has gone live.

'The Human Experience: Know Justice, No Peace' can be found here:

Featured in the exhibtion are photos from Year 3 student Lily Morl, taken from work she did at the CfJ for a piece called 'Class of Covid'.  Is your work also featured in the exhibition?  Let us know and we'll give you a headline too. 

'Changing the picture' competition

Congratulations and thanks to Charlie Gurr in Year 1 and Ellie (Ka Yee) Mak in Year 3 for their winning entries to the 'Changing the picture' photography competition.  Vouchers are on the way by way of prizes and we look forward to seeing these images on the CfJ walls, with some other new ones of students and grads, next term.


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