Being British is hard, innit? - how I became a roadman

I had been learning English in school for nine years before I moved here and I was confident I’d be capable of having an everyday conversation. Turns out I was learning the wrong language the whole time. What people speak here is not English, it’s roadman.

But it’s calm, I’m slowly, but steadily becoming an expert.

"No one cares about this sport only you play"

Shaky hands, racing heart, sweaty palms, nausea (bit of an exaggeration here) - this is my big chance to clear the name of something I’m so passionate about: KORFBALL. And well, to clear my name in front of all the people who think I’m crazy in love with a sport that doesn’t exist.

What is korfball? I’d rather not fail a thousandth time explaining it, watch the video.

Why am I crazy about it? Unfortunately, there’s no video about this one.

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