Opinion: The Imprisonment of Journalists in Myanmar

News of the Rohingya crisis is not new, the BBC, Sky News and other news organisations all over the world has reported on the 'ethinc cleansing' in Myanmar. Even though this humanitarian crisis is still ongoing, there are not many news reports about it at the moment. With this in mind I decided that my blog post this term should be about the diaster that is occuring in South East Asia. 

The original post has been published on my personal blog, but heres an extract from it: 

How i reunited the Jonas Brothers to promote my podcast on Spotify

I’ve thought long and hard about the topic for this blog post. I’ve had a great many ideas, all of them surpassing the previous. I could have written about my friend who accidentally brought a scorpion back from her mum’s wedding in South Africa, but the BBC beat me to it. I could have ranked all the Sharknado films in order, but let’s be honest they all tie for first.

Too little, too late- Coronation Street introduces first black family in the show's history

I feel like, Coronation Street expected the black community to celebrate the news of  the soap having its first black family as part of the neighbourhood, for the first time in the show's 59-year history. 

Am I really supposed to be jumping for joy at this news? 

Honestly when I saw the tweet on my timeline, I was confused... What took so long? Are we not in the 21st Century, where supposedly everybody accepts everybody and we are actively striving for equality? 

Radio is dead (Local Edition)

My first blog post when I started at the Centre for Journalism was titled 'Radio is dead'. Something that I'd heard numerous times, yet something that I just will not accept. During my introduction to that blog post in January last year, I explained how radio content is actually gaining more demand than ever before, but it is the way that we listen to it that is changing dramatically. Well, this year, a key aspect of radio has died.