A big thank you...

On Friday afternoon the Centre for Journalism welcomed Sarah Ivens, editor of OK! Magazine in the US, to the newsroom. With her she brought experience of working in multiple publications across this country and abroad, and an obvious passion for journalism that was evident throughout the Q&A session.

BBC Executive Resigns

Breaking News (18:17 GMT)

BBC Radio 2's David Barber has resigned following last week's disciplinary action against offensive prank calls made by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, according to the BBC News Channel.

Barber is the second BBC executive to resign in the past two weeks after last Thursday's resignation by Radio 2 controller, Leslie Douglas.

He will step down from his role as head of specialist music and compliance.

A spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that Dave Barber has resigned from the BBC."

US funding Iranian nukes

As it turns out, US is indirectly funding the research and creation of the ever-so-controversial nuclear reactors. These reactors, stated to be with a peaceful purpose by the Iranian govt., are suspected to start producing plutonium for military purposes.

The US finance is indirect, because it is funneled through the Russian scientists, working in Iran. After the cold war, Russian scientists were employed by the US, to prevent the scientists starting work for rogue countries.