Weak Economy, Regional Administration or Shake the Polity, which way Nigeria?

Elections in Nigeria is aways marred by divides, finger pointing, polity shakers and those always seeking for the system to turn back to regional government. This time round no real difference exists, except with the assertions that Borno state has oil and looking to partner with the Chadians to develop its oil well so it can secede from the rest of Nigeria. However, one cannot run away from the fact that Nigeria, oil or no oil is in serious trouble.

Photography is very much alive

Photography right off the bat is an incredibly skilful artform to me, it brings things to life and is so much more than just 'point and shoot.' It can capture a moment which may seize to exist ever again, it can proceed to manifest the exact emotion of that moment felt by those who are in it and finally, it can distil a memory on a piece of photography paper bringing back the event and making it seem so very real.  Not only can it represent an embodiment of a fond memory, it is true that as the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Take a plunge

Being creative is, in my opinion, one of the most important skills that we possess and is necessary to life, whether it is in the form of music, dance, writing, visual arts or performance. Thankfully, my entourage in the last few years has always been very active in the “non-academic” world, filled with many talents that I always admired, from dancers to musicians and incredibly amazing painters. An important factor that my art teacher, Mrs.