Leon McCarron, ‘The Cycling Reporter’: ‘Embrace opportunity and embrace change.’

“You never feel more alive than when you’re about to fall off a cliff in China.” said ‘cycling reporter’ Leon McCarron, who, in the last two years has travelled 17,500 miles, by bicycle and by foot.

After being held at gunpoint, cycling through a tornado and being arrested up to 16 times on his travels. McCarron has documented his journeys through filming for National Geographic and in writing for The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

women's body insecurities are inherited, not determined by media portrayal

I read an article in the express today which said that scientists had discovered that women can inherit insecurity, rather than it being a result of the media's perception. In magazines, women are thin and flawless, which would in my opinion trigger readers to feel ashamed about their own body, as it does not come under the definition of 'perfection'. I disagree with the article in the express, as I do not see how such a sensitive and elaborately emotional feeling could come from inheritance.

Kent Union zone elections!

The Kent Union zone elections opened this morning, and close at midday on Thursday. I'd encourage every CfJ student to get active and vote. It's really important to have your say in union elections, as they help shape the future of your student experience.

I'm running for the 'Your Rights' zone - the only candidate from Medway running - and I'd appreciate as many votes as possible, to ensure Medway students have some voice in the Union that represents us.