CFJ football date?

We managed to look at everyone's timetables and we figured the best day to play this game will be Friday 9th November at 4:00pm.

It will be on the Hillyfields Community Park in Gillingham, but if everyone meets in the newsroom, whether you are playing or you want to watch, at 3:30, then we can walk there in a giant group.

Afterwards, we can all go for a few drinks as well (maybe more than a few if you get spanked).

See you there people. 

Quotas are not "quick fix equality"

Sometime last year a friend of mine posed a very interesting question. We had just finished dinner and were well on our way through our second bottle of wine when he mentioned some problems he'd been having at work. As the organiser of promotional events and conferences for a charitable organisation, the booking of speakers fell solely on his shoulders. Yet for some reason he had found there were simply not as many women speakers as men. His answer? Introduce a quota.

Trip to TV show The Agenda

For anyone interested I have been offered tickets to the ITV show The Agenda.

David Cameron is set to be one guest on the show and I was wondering if a group of us wanted to go and watch, I think there is a chance to ask the guest questions, so it's possibly a story opportunity.

If as many people could let me know today the show is filming is on Monday 5th November at 6.15pm in London.