Yobs can be named and shamed on the internet

Website 'In the Dock' has expanded to cover forces in England and Wales, but will it help to rehabilitate criminals or just make them rebel further? I'd like to speak to a rehabilitation clinic to see what techniques they use to fix a criminal's attitude. I'd also like to speak to a client who has recovered, and see whether they would have reacted differently if the website had been put in place at the time of their conviction. Showing a mugshot with a summary of the convict's crimes in my opinion is only going to have a labelling effect.

From the CfJ archive: Tom Hart Dyke interactive feature

At the weekend I heard a familiar voice on Radio 4's comedy show The Museum of Curiosity - that of Tom Hart Dyke, the botanist who was kidnapped and held for 9 months in Central America.

Back in 2010, Hart Dyke was interviewed by John Saunders, one of our second year students, for his online interactive feature assignment. It's a fascinating story, so I thought I'd dig out John's piece from the archive for another airing.

The false nurse story

So today in conference, I said that I knew people that worked in the surgery where the accused nurse, that appeared in Maidstone court regarding fraud charges and a list of other things, worked.

However, it turns out that I was incorrect. Instead there are in fact two different cases of questionable nurses in the Medway/Maidstone area.