Calling all CFJ grads! First Draft is looking for a social media journo with 3+ years of experience

First Draft is looking for an experienced journalist with excellent writing and online research skills to join the London editorial team.

The senior social media journalist will be central in maintaining the high quality of First Draft’s editorial output across the organisation’s website, newsletters and social media channels, as well as monitoring online communities and conversations for disinformation and media manipulation around the world as part of the pioneering CrossCheck initiative. 

Plus you get to work with former CFJ lecturer and cat enthusiast Laura Garcia. 

The closing date for applications is Friday 28 February 2020, with interviews commencing from Monday 10 February 2020


PA Media Job - Closes February 15th


PA Media is looking for a Regional Reporter to cover Yorkshire and the north east of England for one of the UK’s key newsgathering organisations.

We need an accomplished self-starter who can turn their hand to everything from high profile court cases to human interest stories, producing fast, fair and accurate copy.

We can only consider applicants with journalism qualifications, including media law and shorthand.

They will also have an extensive track record of producing stills and video when needed, using social media to gather news and producing their own stories.

More Details here;

My Addiction

No, I’m not lying. I have an addiction. Well…a self-diagnosed one…although it’s not what you would expect: Not drugs, alcohol, smoking, ‘the party life’ or caffeine (ok maybe not that last one, I can be quite bad with my coffee habits).

In fact, it’s sugar.

Two spoonful’s in every Java juice; sometimes a measure in my food; the weekly brownie bake; there are several instances throughout the day when I indulge my cravings…and on the off day where I try and avoid my sugary addiction, I often find myself salivating at the idea of eating more and more.