Premier League Preview - 17 January 2020

As we approach Gameweek 23 of the 2020 Premier League, it's that time again to begin licking our lips at the propsect of some quality football. Whether you're heading down to the pub with your mates, watching it at home, or making your significant other suffer through ninety minutes, this weekends fixtures look to be a tasty prospect. So here's your weekend round-up, starting with Saturdays clashes: 

Saturday (source for information:

Congo's Civil war

The Rwandan genocide that had 1,074,017 civilians killed shocked the world in its extreme brutality and cruelty.


Unfortunately, history is seeming to repeat itself in a country that happens to be neighbour of Rwanda; the Democratic republic of Congo.


Congo Is facing the most serious political crisis in its history and have been in a state of civil war for nearly 20 years. However, hasn’t had much news coverage in the mainstream media.